The need for the Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works to update the house on his future plans for the Sluagh Hall, Lahinch, Co. Clare

Question Posed To: 
Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works

Lahinch Reserve Defence Force Post

Lahinch Military Camp comprises a military barracks and a Sluagh Hall on 5.19 acres. The
Camp was used up until 2012 by the Permanent Defence Force (PDF) and the Reserve
Defence Force (RDF) for training purposes.

The RDF is currently undergoing a major or re-organisation. This is consistent with the
recommendations of the recently published VFM Review. The new “Single Force” concept
comprises PDF Units with Reserve components, rather than a parallel Reserve force. Reserve
Units within barracks are supported by their parent PDF Unit and have access to the training
facilities within the barracks. The 16 Units outside of PDF installations have access to
training facilities identified by the military as being most suitable from the pool of RDF
training establishments already in place.

Lahinch RDF post is one of the properties identified for closure under the re-organisation
programme for the Reserve. All RDF properties identified for closure under the programme,
including Sluagh Hall, Lahinch, will be closed by the end of March, 2013. At that stage my
Department will be inviting Government Departments and other Public Bodies to identify any
interest in the properties in question including Lahinch. If no interest is expressed by any
other Government Department or State Agency the property will be disposed of by public

I would of course be happy to discuss with any interested group proposals they may have for
the purchase and development of the site for the benefit of the local community.
However, my Department does not have the resources to maintain surplus vacant properties,
such as Lahinch Camp, in the longer term. As the property no longer serves any role in
relation to the Defence organisation, it will be disposed of.