Undocumented Irish in the USA

“Many of the undocumented Irish live in daily fear of being deported. For their sake and the sake of their families, I hope that immigration reform will succeed in the USA."

The plight of the undocumented Irish in America is an issue which remains unresolved and numerous high profile attempts in recent years have provided little comfort to the estimated 40,000 Irish citizens who are affected.  

The most high profile attempt to create a pathway to legalisation came with the Kennedy McCain bill in 2007.  This bipartisan initiative which was sponsored by the late Senator Ted Kennedy and former Presidential candidate John McCain collapsed at the final hurdle when it did not get enough support. 

Since the 2012 US Presidential election there is now a realisation amongst many republicans that the issue of immigration reform for the estimated 11 million illegal in the US needs to be dealt with. Hopefully this new political reality will eventually lead to a pathway to citizenship for those Irish who consider the United States of America their home.